Less is more. More on chunking

Great insights.

Hybrid Math Instruction High School

I found Vinney’s presentation of the evolution of information processing theories to be quite refreshing (Vinney, 2020). She was clear, and nonjudgmental, giving theories that have fallen out of favor equal treatment. I think I will use her work as a reference when information processing theories comes up again in my class.

Vinney’s most striking insight was her summary of the connectionist model by Rumelhart and McClelland. “Information that has more connections will be easier for an individual to retrieve” (Vinney, 2020). This is definitely the model that I subscribe to. That information is processed and stored in lots of places in your brain at once, but if you can tie that information together in the various locations you are more likely to be able to retrieve it.

Dr. Maheshwari’s article on his website titled “Problem-solving Method in Education” on the other hand is riddled with babble and double-speak(Maheshwari, 2017). I…

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