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In a world full of uncertainties… one thing is certain to happen :


  • The Case of Jane and Mark
    Capture this scenario: How would this sound in different modalities: How would you want this to be presented to you? Email? Voicemail: The message indicated that the two have already established some working relationships. Jane considered Mark’s busy schedule but was straight with what she needed from him. To truly understand the underlying message ofContinue reading “The Case of Jane and Mark”
  • Which is a better form of communication?
    The case of Jane and Mark. The message indicated that the two have already established some working relationships. Jane considered Mark’s busy schedule but was straight with what she needed from him. To truly understand the underlying message of the email, one has to trace back to the previous communication between Jane and Mark. WasContinue reading “Which is a better form of communication?”
  • Becoming a Project Manager…Post Mortem Post
    I was summoned to the Principal’s office on a rainy Monday morning on October 6, 1996. I met the PTA president and the representatives from Shell Philippines, the sponsor for the PTA project. The school will have a Christmas Musical scheduled on December 16, and the Principal wants me to spearhead the project. The PTAContinue reading “Becoming a Project Manager…Post Mortem Post”
  • Perspectives on Building a Training Program
    A distance learning leader is a visionary capable of action who guides an organization’s future, its vision, mission, goals, and objectives. The leader guides the organization and its people who have faith in the leader and have a clear understanding and acceptance of the organization’s worthwhile and shared vision and goals. A distance learning leaderContinue reading “Perspectives on Building a Training Program”
  • Distance Learning
    The term distance learning has not reached the remote mountains of Antipolo, my place of birth in the Philippines. Learning away from home is conned as remote learning, with the teacher traveling to small barrios and teaching under the mango tree, or on a small boat, docked beside the town’s bay. The year was 1991Continue reading “Distance Learning”
    March 20, 2020. 1:43 pm. The announcement. All teachers are instructed to remind students to bring all personal belongings home. All Chromebooks need to be documented before returning to the students. 2:15 pm. All staff are called for an emergency meeting. Bring every personal belonging home. Teaching will begin online. Schools are closed beginning theContinue reading “ReCONNECTING”
  • Retrospect. Fitting the Pieces Together
    It is not so much of what changed in me, but rather what I changed in the delivery of my instruction that I see the effects of reflecting on learning theories. When broken down into segments, each fractional piece necessary to build the ideal classroom. Reflections. The Theories. Embrace diversity in the classroom by acknowledgingContinue reading “Retrospect. Fitting the Pieces Together”
  • Connectivism
    Mind Map. More to come. It’s infinite. Since I grew up with my conservative and traditionalist auntie, my “peers” and “best friends” were her teachers in school. I follow them around while they teach and mimics their teaching when I play with the same age group.  Joyce L. Epstein, in a 1995 article and aContinue reading “Connectivism”
  • When Adults Learn
    To be an adult we are expected to have an independent self-concept and can direct his or her learning, have accumulated a reservoir of life experiences that is a rich resource for learning; had learning needs closely related to changing social roles; is problem-centered, and interested in immediate application of knowledge; and motivated to learnContinue reading “When Adults Learn”
  • Places in the Brain
    I recommended browsing latest updates of brain activities in these sites. It is fascinating to think about how a brain functions and develops as we age. Each basic unit serves a specific purpose. The National Institute in Neurological Disorders and Stroke website ( explicitly scaffolds the functions of the most complex part of the humanContinue reading “Places in the Brain”

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